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Wednesday, September 08, 2021

Tom Wolfe & Me

The book-signing line for Tom Wolfe at the National Book Festival was so long that I had to leave it before getting anywhere close to the man in white (in order to make John Irving's presentation).

Later in the day, it was Tom Wolf's turn to speak beneath a tent. Again, it was so crowded that the closest I could get was five rows away.

It was later, as I walked along the national mall green, that I just happened to run into him. Wolf was hard to miss in his white suit and shoes. He began a live interview on C-Span's Book TV. I stood, watched, and listened. A crowd collected, but this time I remained in front.

After the interview, my A Man in Full was in full view. Before the "guards" could whisk him away, he had my book and pen.

I now have a pen Tom Wolfe used to write with. And a signed book to boot.

Knowing their rivalry, I asked him, "Are you and John Irving going out for drinks after this?"

He looked at me with a big smile. "The literary world we live in ..."

Find out more about Tom Wolfe and his writing at his Wiki page.




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