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Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Latest Novel is a Literary Thriller: The Color of Jadeite


Loyola University’s Apprentice House Press published my latest novel in October 2020. The Color of Jadeite is a literary thriller full of intrigue, romance, treacherous villains, alluring clues, narrow escapes, and surprises around every corner. The novel has been described by early readers as “a tight, taut, terrific thriller” (Steve Berry, author of 19 New York Times bestselling thrillers) and “as tense, romantic, and obsessed as the great noir thrillers” (Jacquelyn Mitchard, Deep End of the Ocean).

Clive Allen, a suave private eye, ventures throughout China in search of an ancient jadeite tablet from the Ming dynasty. Along the way, he delves into the mysteries of China’s art, history, and culture.

Every bit as captivating as the treasure Clive seeks is the mysterious Wei Wei, an expert on Chinese artifacts who helps the droll detective navigate the most perilous pockets of Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an, Hangzhou, Suzhou, and beyond.

With sidekicks Salvador and Mackenzie, Clive sets out to find the priceless artifact, outwitting their rivals at almost every turn. But between the fistfights and rickshaw chases, gunfights and betrayals, Clive’s deep connection with the treasure he seeks and his romance with Wei Wei force him to confront truths about his past and himself.

Find out why it’s been called “The Maltese Falcon on high octane” (Jerry Holt) and “a clever, witty, captivating read” (Toby Devens) by reading the adventure for yourself. It’s available on Amazon and from other booksellers as a hardcover, trade paperback, and ebook.




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