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Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Something So Right about Armchair Travel

Feeling walled in by the lack of travel opportunities? 

In 1972, nearly 50 years ago, Paul Simon recorded "Something So Right." The song came to mind this morning as I share a travel story.

       They've got a wall in China
       It's a thousand miles long
       To keep out the foreigners
       They made it strong
       I've got a wall around me
       You can't even see
       It took a little time
       To get to me

Of course, Simon is writing about something more personal than the Great Wall of China. But with Trump's talk of building walls, our situation of being walled into isolation by the pandemic, my former travel to the Great Wall of China, and my travel story about that visit, along with the forthcoming release of my thriller with a scene set there, The Color of Jadeite, something sounds right about "Something So Right" being in my head.

Take a walk on the wall with me. Read my story, "World's Greatest Wall," in Go World Travel.

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