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Thursday, May 07, 2020

My Story "Ginger" Published in Modern Literature

My story, “Ginger” is published in the most recent issue of Modern Literature.

Modern Literature is an international English-language literary magazine based in Chennai, India that showcases the latest trends in literature.

“Ginger” is the story of a family dog and how each member of a family deals with loss.

I wrote the first draft of “Ginger” a few years ago, but the origin of the story goes way, way back.

When I was a child (already identifying as a writer), my family had a dog named “Ginger.” When we had to give her away prior to moving to Japan, I vowed to write a book about her. A year passed, then another. I began to realize the book couldn’t be about a regular mutt—it would be my life story told through the filter of the dog. I even have the first few pages of a draft on a yellow legal pad from childhood.

With age and some amount of maturity, I understood there would never be a book about Ginger. But, doggedly determined to fulfill the vow, as I glanced over the handwritten pages of that childhood beginning, I decided that perhaps a story about the dog could be managed.

The result of that seed is the story just published. 

Note that although motivated by our pet and situation, the story is complete fiction and does not reflect true perspectives, feelings, or viewpoints of real family members depicted in the story.

But, like most good fiction, it is true.

Enjoy “Ginger” and the other fine stories and poetry in Modern Literature.

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