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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Find Time for No Time in The Opiate Magazine

My story, “No Time” is published in The Opiate Magazine, Vol. 21.

The Opiate Magazine is an English-language literary magazine based in Paris, France and is available both in print and online.

“No Time” is described by the editor as an “epic slow burn of a friendship betrayal.”

I wrote the first draft years ago, around 2005, prompted by a workshop assignment to imagine something in my life that may have been seen in a negative light to others. I imagined what it must have looked like to friends and family when I returned from a semester in Russia to announce I’d fallen in love, and after I went back a few months later to get married. Nataliya and I were absolutely certain—and rightly so as our 25 years of marriage illustrate. But I imagine others, at the time, must have thought we were crazy, two people from different sides of the globe getting married after knowing one another less than a year.

For the seed to become a story—from the point of view of the friend—I had to take it several steps beyond. Thus the story of love became a story of questionable morals and betrayal.

Whether you order the print copy of the magazine or read it online for free, you’ll find “No Time” on pages 31-41 of the issue.

Enjoy it and the other fine stories and poetry in The Opiate Magazine.

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