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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Library Journal Compares Room, Nutshell, Womb

In an earlier post, I lamented that although I’d written my first draft of Womb: a novel in utero nearly a decade ago, literary legend Ian McEwan was coming out with his own novel in utero, Nutshell, around the same time. As much as I’m a fan of McEwan’s work, the timing could have been better.

However, I’m seeing the potential benefits of being the second in a pair of twins. As Amazon might say, “If you like this, you may like that.”

Library Journal, in their review of Nutshell, compared the new McEwan novel (in terms of unique perspective) to Emma Donoghue’s Room and my Womb: a novel in utero.

“Starred Review. McEwan joins Eric D. Goodman (Womb: A Novel in Utero) and Emma Donoghue (Room) in penning an expansive meditation on stability and identity from a confined perspective." - Library Journal 

Cited in the same sentence as McEwan and Donoghue: priceless. But what’s better is that my own small-press book may have been given a larger dot on the map, thanks to this “merit by association.”

Dozens of library websites, from New York to California, New England to Houston, have published excerpts from the review, as have a number of other websites that publish reviews.

Read the review (along with some others) at the link below.

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