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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tracks Covered by Baltimore Jewish Times

In this week’s edition of the Baltimore Jewish Times, one of North America’s largest Jewish periodicals, I was interviewed by Gila Heller for a full-page interview called “Covering His ‘Tracks’”

The interview is in the "Exclusively in Print" section, noted in the online version. Here’s a taste …

BJT: Why a novel in stories?

Goodman: The first few stories were just individual stories. I was trying to decide what novel I wanted to write and I had recently read a couple of novels in stories, and it gave me the idea to connect the stories I had written. I also wanted to offer readers a look at the same characters from different perspectives.

BJT: Why did you choose to include a Holocaust survivor as one of your characters?

Goodman: Five or six years ago, I went to the National Holocaust Memorial Museum in D.C., and I just remember it was such an emotional experience. I had read a lot of books and seen a lot of movies about the Holocaust, but this had such an effect on me. Riding home on the MARC train, I was already writing notes and thinking about how I could include this in a story. I visited the museum several more times to really submerge myself in it as I was writing. I think "Live Cargo," the story that came out of it, is probably one of the more powerful stories in the book.

Read the whle interview in print. Get your print copy of the Baltimore Jewish Times (July 15, 2011) at the newsstand before the new issue comes out on Friday!


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