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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Solidarity in Gdansk

At the moment, the entire family is traveling through the Baltic States. But this time last year, a father-son adventure was taking place in Poland. Father's day is a perfect time to reflect on that.

It's likely that you've read my travel story in Baltimore Style Magazine about my father-son trip to Warsaw with a side-trip to Krakow.

But have you seen my article about our excursion to Gdansk published in Go World Travel?

Across the Baltic Sea from Scandinavia, and bordered by Germany, Lithuania, and Kaliningrad (Russia), Gdansk is a city influenced by them all. It also holds an important place on the stage of world history: Gdansk was the place where the first shots of World War II were fired, and home of the Solidarity Movement, which initiated the end of Soviet occupation across Eastern Europe.

Read all about it: check out "Solidarity in Gdansk: A Father-Son Trip in Poland" published in Go World Travel.




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