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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Live Cargo on WYPR’s The Signal

Earlier this year I read an abridged version of “Live Cargo” from Tracks: A Novel in Stories on Baltimore’s NPR station, WYPR.

WYPR’s The Signal is a weekly radio magazine that explores Maryland’s thriving artistic and cultural scene and is produced by Aaron Henkin and Lisa Morgan and hosted by Andy Bienstock.

“Live Cargo” is the story of a Holocaust survivor who fulfills her husband’s dying wish by taking the train to visit the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. It is part of Tracks: A Novel in Stories, which is set on a train from Baltimore to Chicago. Here’s how WYPR describes “Live Cargo.”

It’s the story of a survivor – and that survivor’s memories – so please be advised that the following does include some grim details.  The story also includes strength, and hope…”

Hop aboard at http://programs.wypr.org/podcast/genie-wishes-crownsville-cemetery-and-%E2%80%98human-cargo%E2%80%99. My reading is about 31 minutes into the program.

Here’s the plug from The Signal’s website:

“In observance of Yom Hashoah - Holocaust Remembrance Day – writer Eric D Goodman joins us with the story of a survivor’s pilgrimage to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC.”

Listen now at http://programs.wypr.org/podcast/genie-wishes-crownsville-cemetery-and-%E2%80%98human-cargo%E2%80%99

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