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Friday, May 11, 2012

Feature in the DC Examiner

Just yesterday, I was interviewed for an article in the DC Examiner. Later that same day, the article was published with the headline “Local author Eric D. Goodman wins gold medal in IPPYs for Tracks.”

The story is …

… in part a review of Tracks (“The interconnected stories provide an overarching story as told by a variety of perspectives, including a workaholic and a languishing poet.”)

… partly a news flash about my medal (“His novel recently earned the 2012 Gold Medal for Best Fiction in the Mid-Atlantic Region from the Independent Publisher Book Awards.)

… partly an announcement of my appearance at the Gaithersburg Book Festival (“catch Eric D. Goodman at the Gaithersburg Book Festival on May 19 at the Gertrude Stein Pavilion at 3:20 p.m.”)

… and mostly an interview with me about writing, reading, and going local. (“Being a local author, how important is it that local culture and settings be featured in your work?”)

Check out the article in the DC Examiner at the link below.


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