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Friday, January 20, 2012

Five Stars from Booked Up

Tracks has sailed across the Atlantic, picking up a five star review from the popular British book blog, Booked Up!

Tracks received the highest rating offered by the blog: “5* - I loved it - a brilliant book that for me has it all.”

Here’s some of what Booked Up had to say about Tracks:

“The passengers represent a real cross-section of society, from the soldier who is questioning the morality of the war he has fought and the widowed Holocaust survivor to the computer nerd turned criminal and the hit man with a job to carry out on board. There are couples looking for lifelong happiness and wondering how to achieve it, and others cheating on their partners.”

“I was so drawn to some of the characters and could entirely identify with the situations they were dealing with. Others who fall way outside anything I know were well depicted ... I felt I could picture them all. It was interesting to see how different travelers were dealing with similar situations in very different ways, and to see how brief encounters could impact on their lives.”

“I loved this book, the subject matter and the style, unfussy yet beautiful. Well worth a read!”

Read the whole review at Booked Up:


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