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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Five Train Stories Worth Riding

Recently, I was a guest blogger on C.M. Mayo’s popular writing blog, Madam Mayo. I was invited to write about five train stories—a list including both movies and books.

As I wrote for the post: “The train is a wonderful setting for a story. Trains are mysterious, exciting, and always in motion, the setting virtually unset. Strangers on a train are placed side by side to share a journey into the unknown, and in many cases, by the end of the line they are no longer strangers. Movies, novels, stories; adventures, comedies, mysteries—genres and themes as diverse as the passengers on a train. There are hundreds, but here are five train stories worth riding.”

What are the five train stories included in the post? You may know some; others may surprise you. Check them out at http://madammayo.blogspot.com/2011/07/guest-blogger-eric-d-goodman-5-train.html.

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Blogger C.M. Mayo said...

Hola Eric, Thanks for the mention. It was a delight to run your guest-blog post at "Madam Mayo." Trains really do run through so many works of the imagination, as you so eloquently pointed out. Good wishes to you!

October 06, 2011  
Blogger Eric D. Goodman said...

Thanks, C.M.! It was a pleasure to share the train stories on Madam Mayo. There are hundreds of train stories worth mentioning, and I hope some of your readers enjoyed the ones I pointed out. Best wishes to you, too!

October 07, 2011  

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