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Monday, June 13, 2011

Mary Beth Keane—Tracks is a Wonderful Debut

Today’s Tracks blurb comes from a highly-acclaimed author whose own novel debut came in 2009 with The Walking People.

“In Tracks, Goodman manages to capture the complicated push and pull of family, of friends, of history, of life—how it bears down on each of us, pulling us apart while simultaneously pushing us together. His characters are, in turn, compassionate, indifferent, bitter, sympathetic, wistful, and most of all, real. I recognized parts of myself in each one of them, and I imagine this is exactly what Goodman intended. Tracks is a wonderful debut.”

~Mary Beth Keane,
author of
The Walking People

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And here’s
Tracks at Borders.

Read more about Mary Beth Keane at her website.

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