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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Goose for the New Year

This time of year, in the midst of the holidays, people tend to focus on the family, on friends and loved ones, feasts and children.

And so do we.

What better time than this festive season to announce our upcoming Goose book for children?

No, it's not a cook book.

The Flightless Goose is the story of a goose named Gilbert. He is like many of the other geese at the pond, until one day, an accident renders him unable to fly. He must learn not only to deal with the taunting of others, but to compensate for his new disability by finding strengths in other traits.

This book is a collaboration between me and my wife. I wrote the story and Nataliya brought it to life with her beautiful watercolor illustrations.

Gilbert's new year resolution is to get published. Here's to The Flightless Goose taking flight in 2008 -- and continued health, success, and happiness to us all.


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