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Monday, October 30, 2006

Stephen King Knows Scary

Last week I got an email from bestselling horror writer Stephen King prompting me to "end the nightmare." In the email, he encouraged me to vote. Not that I needed the push. "If I know anything, I know scary. And giving this president and this out-of-control Congress two more years to screw up our future is downright terrifying."

Just a week after Halloween is Election Day. The citizens of some countries dream of having the right to vote. Here in the states, not voting can be a nightmare. Whether you consider the current leadership a dream team, or a nightmare, be sure to get to the polls next Tuesday.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whichever party you traditionally align with, the idea that the current leadership could be considered a dream team is incredibly scary.

"The fact that millions of people share the same vices does not make the vices into virtues. The fact that millions of people hold the same errors does not turn the errors into truths. The fact that millions of people share the same forms of mental pathology does not make these people sane." -Erich Fromm

October 31, 2006  
Blogger Tigerlily said...

Email from Stephen King, even political, is still pretty cool. I agree. I really want Bush out of office. He's screwed up so royally that people would probably even vote for a *cough cough* female president now. Go Hilary!

P.S. I'm Nano-ing Eric. I couldn't resist! Join me in the insanity.

November 02, 2006  

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