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Monday, January 08, 2024

Yorkshire to Publish Poetry Collection

Big news on the publishing front! My first book of poetry, Faraway Tables, is being released by Yorkshire Publishing in spring 2024! The acceptance even came with a modest advance. 

Although I have written poetry before, I’ve focused most of my writing career primarily on prose: fiction and creative non-fiction. As the pandemic found many of us shuttered up in our homes, I found myself drawn to poetry—reading it and writing it. It would seem that being home and no longer needing to commute would provide more time for long-form writing, but I felt as though I had less focus time during the pandemic than before. This is partially what attracted me to poetry. 

Poetry seems a perfect form for today’s society—short, concise, and able to get a point or feeling or idea across succinctly. That appealed to me as a reader, and especially as a writer. Rather than jot down and file away ideas that came to me for future stories, novels, or plot development, I was able to use them as the basis for poetry.

The pandemic was also a time to question life as we know it, to reminisce about life as we knew it, and to consider what life will be as we emerge back into a new normalcy. Poems proved an ideal vehicle for such a mood and frame of mind.

The result, for me, is my first collection of poetry—Faraway Tables.

About 40 of the poems from Faraway Tables have been published or accepted for publication in literary journals, magazines, both online and in print. Many of them have been or will be shared here.

Stay tuned to www.Writeful.blogspot.com for more details as they become available.



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