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Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Run, Goose, Run!

I’ve been writing fiction since I was in grade school, reading children’s books myself. I handwrote my first novel in the sixth grade, completed my first typed novel in the ninth grade, and sent out my first submission letters when I was just finishing college.

The first book I managed to find a publisher for was in large part due to my wife’s lovely illustrations.

Flightless Goose is a hardcover storybook for children about a goose who is injured and unable to fly south with the other geese. He is left behind, but perseveres and ends up being accepted by the geese when they return.

It’s been described as a book that effectively tackles subjects like disability, bullying, being different, coping with change, and treating others with dignity and respect. But on the surface, and to children, it’s just a fun story.

A story based on a real goose in a waterside neighborhood where we once lived.

Gregory B. Gallagher, one of the original writers for Sesame Street, called it a “wonderful story.” Towson Times wrote “Your child can be entertained as they learn lessons about overcoming challenges, accepting different people, and focusing on positive strengths.” The Baltimore Examiner observed, “Grounded Goose walks away a winner.”   GottaWrite Girl called it a “warm and wonderful fable.” Abilities Magazine made it a “Kid’s Pick!” and called it “A wise tale about a goose that becomes unable to fly and must learn to cope with the challenges of being different.”

A review in The Potomac said “Flightless Goose is appropriately simple without being simplistic, and its lessons—that challenges can be overcome, that being different doesn’t’ mean being less of a person, and that everyone has something they are good at—are important ones.”

Would you believe that after twelve years, Flightless Goose is still available as a hardcover and an ebook?





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