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Monday, April 12, 2021

Amazon Reviews: "Page-Turning, masterful, briskly plotted, delicious, exotic"

In addition to all of the positive reviews of The Color of Jadeite published in journals, readers have been leaving their own five-star reviews at Amazon. Here is some of what readers have been saying.

“A literary and page-turning thriller that can be savored in the study or on the beach.” 

“Goodman knows how to put words together with masterful skill to create the rhythm and color just right for each moment in the story. The novel earns high marks for its mix of genre, its characters, and its fine writing. Five stars.” 

“A fast-paced, briskly plotted thriller spiced with romance, history, and humor makes for a delicious, exotic read.” 

“Perfect for people who like thrillers, adventures, mysteries, and cliffhanging chapter ends that make you want to keep reading.” 

“Has a writing style that pulls you into the story from the beginning. Readers will be fascinated by its turns from start to finish.” 

Read the reader reviews for yourself at the link.





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