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Monday, March 22, 2021

Witty Thriller Reminiscent of Old Noir Movies


The popular book blog, Jenny Reads, published a review of The Color of Jadeite:

“On the surface, Goodman has crafted a witty thriller reminiscent of the old Noir movies of the 30s and 40s (complete with a clever nod to Casablanca in the opening chapters) but he did not stop there. With the foundation firmly laid, Goodman then layered in an exotic locale as mysterious as it is familiar.”

Jenny writes that she truly enjoyed the characters and would love to read a follow-up novel, saying: “Goodman introduced all the characters with a level of familiarity in the narrative, it would be good to see some of the backstories that were hinted at played out or new cases taken and tackled.”

Read the full review at Jenny Reads.



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