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Friday, December 04, 2020

LLNB: A Noir Novel Packed with Fast Action, Riveting Characters, and a Sense of Purpose

The popular literary blog, Late Last Night Books, published an interview with me about the development and writing of The Color of Jadeite. The article, “Making a Thoughtful Detective Story—An Interview with Eric D. Goodman,” covers questions about setting, history, culture, diverse characters, research, where ideas come from, and the writing process. We also get into specifics about my first adventure thriller and the places I visited to get the details right, and why fiction matters.


Here is part of Sally Whitney’s setup for the interview: Think of Detective Sam Spade. Or Mike Hammer. Then put him in a beautiful location with fascinating history and culture and give him a soul that’s open to change. Author Eric D. Goodman takes this combination and stirs it up with a mystery that hinges on clever hidden clues and long-held secrets. The result is The Color of Jadeite, a noir novel that’s packed with fast action, riveting characters, and a sense of purpose.


Check out the full interview at Late Last Night Books.




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