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Thursday, November 26, 2020

Make Your Black Friday Jadeite Friday

This year, color your Black Friday the color of jadeite. Whether you decide to snag your copy of the new literary thriller, The Color of Jadeite, on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or anywhere in between, here’s an incentive to get your copy now.


If you purchase your signed paperback or hardcover directly from me, I’ll throw in a free copy of one of my previous books as well. Two books for the price of one! And, according to the reviews and endorsements, it’s well worth your reading time and book-buying dollar.


Here’s how to take advantage of this BOGO deal. Email me directly at edgewriter at gmail dot com and place your order using a credit card, PayPal, Zelle, CashAp, or your payment method of choice. Even a personal check works! And who am I to tell you not to mail cash?


Or, buy from the “EdgeWriter Books” seller on Amazon, which you can find on the list under “New” or “Collectable” options at this link:




Join the adventure and get your copy of The Color of Jadeite (and a free book to boot) now!


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