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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Loved Lisbon

As almost always happens, spending some time—even just a week—in another place gives you time to stretch out and feel as though you’re taking on a new lifestyle, trying on a new routine. You find your favorite coffee shops, the best place for the best food, recommendations for watering holes from the locals, and (in this case) the best Faddo in the Alfama.

Given how adjusted we became to life in Lisbon, it’s hard to believe that we returned from Portugal almost two months ago! It never takes long to ease (or get shoved) back into the “real world.” But images of the places we visited and the taste of port in the back of the mouth lingers.

Our apartment was in one of the oldest neighborhoods of Lisbon, in the Alfama region, with a view of the water and the statuary atop the Military Museum peeking in our windows. The nearby cafes and drinking holes were convenient, as were the markets and shops in walking distance.

Just about everything in Lisbon was walking distance, and even when we opted to save time by taking transportation, just about anywhere was accessible using the iconic trollies and buses. With four in our party, even taking a taxi was economical—actually costing less, in most cases, than public transportation.

Some of our favorite Lisbon sites included the Castillo, Elevador de Santa Justa, Monesterio dos Jeronimos, the Monument to Discoveries, Gulbenkain Museum, Tower of Belem, the Coach Museum, and so much more. The contrast between old architecture and new was interesting. And the winding cobblestone roads with trolleys cranking back and forth made the Alfama feel like a medieval San Francisco.

Beyond Lisbon, Sintra was a great day-trip, with the National Palace, Pena Palace, Moorish Castle ruins, and a number of smaller palaces that were anything but small.

There’s so much to say about Portugal. I’ve added it to my “coming soon” list. I need a vacation just to find time to write the travel stories I have planned. But something tells me when the time comes, I may end up on another voyage.

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I cannot wait to read these stories!

May 25, 2016  

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