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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Back from Budapest, Hungary for more

Budapest was the best! We kept busy and had a wonderful time exploring the city.

The iconic Hungarian Parliament Building was even more impressive inside than out. The Royal Palace offered the Hungarian National Gallery with captivating works of art. State Opera House was more dazzling than the opera performed. The Basilica of St. Istivan, Matthias Church, Great Synagogue were worthy of worship. Fisherman’s Bastion offered some of the best cityscape views. And the Szechenyi, Rudas, and Gillert  thermal baths soothed the body after (or before) long days of exploration.

Having an apartment centrally located—in a centrally located country—offered us the opportunity to travel abroad while we were abroad. Within Hungary, we visited wine caves and castles in Tokaj and Eger,  enjoyed the lakeside views of Balatonlelle, and historic buildings of Pecs.

Beyond the Hungarian boarders, we plan to roamed the sidestreets of Bratislava, Slovakia; took in the Philharmonic in Vienna, Austria; touched the Adriatic Sea in Rejeka, Croatia;  Funiculared between the upper and lower centers in Zagreb, Croatia;  and boated to the island at Lake Bled, Slovenia; and enjoyed the best cream cake desserts in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

So many experiences to soak in at each location. But our favorite, perhaps since we were there the longest and got to know it best, was Budapest.

You can expect picture slideshows and armchair travel stories to come in the near future. For now, my mind is still hovering between home and Budapest.


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