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Monday, March 15, 2021

Fictional Café on Jadeite: Engrossing, Dynamic, Suspenseful, Mysterious

The Fictional Café published Fiction Barista Mike Mavilia Rochester’s review of The Color of Jadeite.

“I was able to immerse myself in this story of backstabbers, riddles and treasure hunting on a frenetic romp throughout the massive Asian country.”


Mike writes, “What struck me about The Color of Jadeite was the amount of historical context Goodman incorporates into the story. It’s clear he’s done his research and is insistent on getting every detail right.”


Fictional Café goes on to say, “As with any good page-turner, Jadeite keeps the story moving and the mystery ever-unfolding. Characters weave in and out of the narrative as they dart around the vast country, setting the reader up to know a surprise is coming, but unable to guess it. The juicy ending he hints at throughout the book pays off in the final scenes. In Allan’s search for this artifact from the past, he unearths some of his own past along the way, prompting us to wonder if the past is destined to haunt us all in the end.”


Their bottom line? “Ultimately, I found the novel to be an engrossing literary journey with dynamic characters and an ending worth the time invested. If you’re a fan of espionage novels and thrillers, this may be right up your alley, though you don’t need to be a fan of the genre to appreciate the suspenseful storyline and mysterious characters.”

Read the full review at Fictional Café, where there are always free refills on great lit.




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