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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

The Virginia Normal Publishes Comments Left


The Virginia Normal, the literary journal of Virginia State University, has published my flash fiction piece, “Comments Left” in their latest issue.


“Comments Left” imagines a future in which a new social media has taken over in a way no one could have predicted—as unbelievable as people staring at phones may have been 10 years ago.


Enjoy the latest issue now at https://thevirginianormal.com

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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Baltimore Magazine Promotes Setting the Family Free

Here’s a blast from the past: this time last year, in 2019, before we began sheltering in place, we enjoyed a book launch event for Setting the Family Free at The Ivy bookshop in their previous location. The event included animal-themed wines, animal crackers, a reading from the novel, and a great conversation with the audience participants.


Baltimore Magazine was kind enough to promote the event, and the novel.


In a related note, a literary journal editor recently accepted an excerpt from Setting the Family Free for publication and made an interesting and unexpected comment. When local authorities warn people to stay indoors and avoid going out, it was seen as a possible metaphor for our current COVID situation. Of course, Setting the Family Free was written well before any thoughts of a pandemic, but it’s an interesting insight.


You can still get your copy of Setting the Family Free today, at The Ivy Bookshop’s new location, from other book stores, or online!



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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Deborah Kalb’s Jadeite Interview


Since 2012, Deborah Kalb has been interviewing authors about their books and the writing process. Her interviews are always inspiring and informative. Recently, I had the opportunity to discuss my latest novel, The Color of Jadeite with her.


Why the change of genre, from literary to thriller? What inspired the idea? Were there any surprises that came about when conducting the research for this novel? These and other questions are asked and answered at Debora Kalb’s Author Q and A Blog.



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Wednesday, January 06, 2021

JMWW Reveals Origin of Jadeite

Recently I was invited by the literary journal, JMWW, to write about the origin of my new literary thriller, The Color of Jadeite. From the first spark of an idea to the first draft, what went into the creation of this adventure novel? How was it different from my other novels in terms of creation? What came first, the characters or the plot? Or, in this case, something completely different?


Explore the origins of The Color of Jadeite, brought to you by JMWW.




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