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Thursday, October 01, 2020

Today is Jadeite Day

Happy Jadeite Day!

The adventure begins today: The Color of Jadeite is being released by Loyola University's Apprentice House Press.

Clive Allan leads his partner and sidekicks on an adventure through modern-day China, steeped in history and culture, in this literary thriller.

New York Times Bestselling author of 19 thrillers, Steve Berry, calls The Color of Jadeite "a tight, taut, terrific thriller." 

Jacquelyn Mitchard, who became Oprah's first book club pick with The Deep End of the Ocean, calls The Color of Jadeite "as tense, romantic, and obsessed as the great noir thrillers."

And Jerry Holt, author of The Killing of Strangers, calls The Color of Jadeite "The Maltese Falcon on high-octane." 

Take a look at the book trailer, read more reviews and endorsements, and learn more about the book at www.EricDGoodman.com/Jadeite.html.

Join the adventure by picking up your copy today, and please share with other readers!


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