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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Steal of the Week Stolen

This past March, our inn was featured in The Week Magazine as the steal of the week. It's with bettersweet success that we announce that The Historic York Inn in the Smyser-Bair House has gone from steal to stolen.

Each issue of The Week features a two-page spread with the “Best Properties on the Market.” Normally there are six properties all under a unified theme, with one of them being the best deal on the market. 

Back in March, the category was “B and Bs and inns,” and The Historic York Inn / Smyser-Bair House was included as the steal of the week. 

“The nine-bedroom Historic York Inn is on the National Register of Historic Places as the Smyser-Bair House,” writes The Week. “Original details in the 1849 mansion include a porcelain bathroom, glass-etched gasolier, etched door hardware, and pier mirrors gilded with the first owner’s Gold Rush ore.” 

The Historic York Inn in the Smyser-Bair House has been a ten-year-plus chapter in our lives. We have a lot of history stored in that historic inn, but we're happy to pass the keys on to the next innkeepers. 

The new owners intend to continue running the inn as it has been run over the past decade or so. That means you can still book a room, attend an event, or take a tour of the beautiful mansion. As for us, we're checking out for a little while.

Visit www.YorkInn.info for more.



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