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Monday, June 17, 2019

Journey through Germany

Let the next travel adventure begin!

This week, we're headed to Germany for two weeks. My wife, Nataliya, received a grant to follow in the footsteps of the German mathematician and philosopher, Leibniz. My son Alex and I get to tag along. We'll be hitting some unusually mathematical destinations ... but have made sure to schedule in some of our usual castle-culture, palace-pastime, cathedral-collecting exploration. 

Our two weeks will begin in Munich for some beer halls, squares, and palaces. We'll hop in our rental car and take an excursion to "mad" King Ludwig's two castles, Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau. Then, we'll stop in Nuremberg  to drop in on the Imperial Castle and Albrecht Durer's house. We'll visit relatives in Dortmund. In Leipzig, we'll catch a Bach concert by the boy's choir and in the church where Bach once served as music director. Although we've seen bits of the Berlin Wall in other countries, we'll stand at the place where west met east and the wall crumbled in Berlin. We'll explore the palaces and art of Dresden. We'll make a stop at the Walhalla Memorial to take in the hall of fame. And we'll finish where we began, in Munich.

We've been to Germany several times, most recently last year for a day in Frankfurt. But this will be our longest German excursion since 1999.

Stay tuned at www.Facebook.com/Edgewriter for pictures and posts from the adventure!


Friday, June 14, 2019

"Rollicking Read … Rare and Wonderful"

Continuing the process of setting the comments free, these kind words come from someone who knows words well: Author and Fulbright Professor Jerry Holt.

Professor of English at Purdue, Jerry Holt is author of The Killing of Strangers, a novel, and Rickey, a play based on the life of baseball guru Branch Rickey.

Here is what Dr. Holt had to say about Setting the Family Free:

“What a read! Part fable, part meditation, and total page-turner, Setting the Family Free is a rollicking read from first sentence to last. This engaging tale of a zoo that literally opens its doors is at once funny, terrifying, and sometimes heartbreaking. What Eric D. Goodman has managed to do with the sections told by the animals is something rare and wonderful. Look for this one on the ‘Best of 2019’ lists!”

— Jerry Holt, author of The Killing of Strangers and Rickey

Pre-order your copy of Setting the Family Free today!


Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Family Pilgrimage Across Lithuania in Go World Travel

As we prepare for our next international family adventure across Germany, take a look back at last summer's family pilgrimage across Lithuania in a travel story recently published by Go World Travel.

In this piece, we explore Vilnius, Siauliai, the Hill of Crosses, Trakai Island and Castle, and sample everything from Beaver and Boar to Zeppelins and honey liquor. 

Explore Lithuania with us at www.goworldtravel.com/visit-vilnius-lithuania/


Monday, June 10, 2019

Advance Reading Copies Unleashed

And now for the unleashing of the advance reading copies for Setting the Family Free!

If you'd like to write a review, request your advance reading copy today! Private Message at www.Facebook.com/Edgewriter.

Or, pre-order your copy of the real deal now at www.amazon.com/Setting-Family-Free-Eric-Goodman/dp/162720217X/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=setting+the+family+free+goodman&qid=1559939974&s=gateway&sr=8-1

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Friday, June 07, 2019

Setting the Endorsements Free

Early readers of Setting the Family free are beginning to weigh in. Allow me to begin setting the comments free.

Katherine Cottle is author of the forthcoming book, The Hidden Heart of Charm City, as well as earlier books I Remain Yours, Halfway: A Journal through Pregnancy, and My Father’s Speech.

Here is what Kathy had to say about Setting the Family Free:

Setting the Family Free reinforces Eric D. Goodman’s powerful voice and imagination as one of Baltimore’s most riveting and prolific writers. As with his former novels, Goodman captures the human condition through multiple and unpredictable lenses, illuminating our strengths and weaknesses in a presentation which merges past and present stories, intertwining conversations, and metaphorical geographies. However, Setting the Family Free takes that vision a step further, exploring the existence of the animal, both human and nonhuman, when pushed beyond its natural and enforced boundaries. The blurring between caged and free is violently, gracefully, and thoughtfully crafted, a true tale of terror—both within and without real and realized bars.”

— Katherine Cottle, author of My Father›s Speech, Halfway: A Journal through Pregnancy, and I Remain Yours

Pre-order your copy of Setting the Family Free today!

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Wednesday, June 05, 2019

And the 2019 SSU Distinguished Alumnus is …

Last month, Shawnee State University announced the 2019 Alumni Awards in a press release. The awards were presented at the annual President’s Gala in late April at SSU’s 2019 President’s Gala on April 27. The gala and dinner raised more than $40,000 for the SSU Development Foundation Grants Program.

I was honored to receive The Distinguished Alumnus Award for 2019. The award is presented to an alumnus who has demonstrated “distinguished professional achievement, personal qualities, and service to the university.”

The Distinguished Alumni Ambassador was Heather Cantrell, and the Medal of Merit went to Matthew Purcell. Awards were also presented for Alumni Community Service and Outstanding Recent Graduate. More details can be found at the SSU press release at the link below.

The press release makes mention of my forthcoming novel, Setting the Family Free.

“An author of four books, Goodman’s upcoming novel Setting the Family Free will be released in October 2019 and will feature scenes of his alma mater’s campus.”

Learn more by checking out the official SSU press release at the link below.

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