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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Caution: Exotic Animals Scheduled for Release

That is to say, the publication release date for my latest novel, Setting the Family Free, has been scheduled. 

Loyola University's Apprentice House Press has announced October 1, 2019 as the official release date for Setting the Family Free.

What is Setting the Family Free about? Here's a brief teaser:

The loner who collects unusual things. The private reserve of exotic pets released into a rural Ohio community. The estranged wife who loves the animals like family. The caretaker who knows the beasts are dangerous. The Sheriff and his team of experts who must hunt the creatures down. The animal advocate who winces at the spectacle. The celebrity zookeeper who knows what must be done. 

This story expands through the innovative use of multiple narratives, news broadcasts, newspaper articles, press conferences, political tapes, and quotes from experts, eyewitnesses, and those closest to the unfolding events. Who are the heroes; who are the victims? Who gets to decide?

Setting the Family Free, Loyola University's Apprentice House Press, October 1, 2019



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