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Monday, July 09, 2018

They've Got Issues (And One of Them is How Much I Read Them)

One thing the characters of these three books have in common is that they've got issues. But I've got them too. And I've read the books so I'll share them with you. Baby, they've got issues. And one of them is how much I read them.

Okay, song parodies aside, the three books by these local ladies are the subject of my most recent trio of book reviews published, online and in print, in the most recent issue of Baltimore Style Magazine.

Baltimore author Jen Michalski’s latest novel, The Summer She Was Under Water, takes place over one Fourth of July weekend in Maryland.

Leslie Pietrzyk, a frequent instructor in Johns Hopkins University’s writing program, takes us back in time to the Chicago of the 1980s in Silver Girl.

Bethesda-based best-selling writer Sarah Pekkanen teams up with Greer Hendricks, a former editor and first-time novelist, to introduce The Wife Between Us.

Enjoy my reviews of these perfect summer reads at http://baltimorestyle.com/theyve-got-issues/.