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Monday, February 29, 2016

Taking it Home

We come to the last installment in the ten-part series, Booking it Along the California Coast: A Book Tour / Road Trip Across the Pacific Coast, serialized by Attics Books.

We’ve been to Los Angeles and San Diego, Hollywood and Santa Barbara. We made out in San Francisco and partied in Santa Barbara. We went for a nostalgic trip through Monterey, where I lived as a child, and San Jose, where I was born. We followed in the foots of John Steinbeck in Salinas, looking at old family photos in his boyhood home, spending time at the Steinbeck Center, and visiting locations both in East of Eden and from his own childhood.

With this installment, we come to the end of the journey. Join me in meeting Thomas Steinbeck, son of John Steinbeck and a great author in his own right, at Tecolote Books in Montecito. Richard Mineards, who covered the Royal Family for Britian’s Daily Mirror in a previous life, even covers my book event.

That, and a quick visit to college friend in LA, sends us back home.

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Friday, February 12, 2016

Nostalgic Monterey

The last time we were on the California road trip together, back in November, I shared my adventures in San Jose and Salinas, where I visited the Steinbeck Center, Steinbeck boyhood home, and a number of haunts from the author’s childhood and settings for his work.

Join me now as we venture to Monterey — visiting my own boyhood home (or at least the place where it once stood) and haunts from my own childhood.

The nostalgic trip is a part of my continuing California book tour travel story published in serial form by Atticus Books.

Join us at the Atticus Books Blog.

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