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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Examining Perspective in The Examiner

As you may know if you’re a regular reader of The Examiner, or if we’re connected on social media, I was recently profiled by Baltimore book columnist Eric Campos in The Examiner.

The article mentions my fiction writing, travel articles, and the Lit and Art Reading Series, among other things.

The meat of the article gets into my exploration of perspective and setting, both in reading other works (like Steinbeck) and in creating my own work (like Tracks). Over drinks in a bar, we consider how our own setting is seen differently from each person around us, and how examining that makes for good fiction.

Check out the article yourself at The Examiner.


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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Hanging Out in Steinbeck's House

I know the way to San Jose; I was born there. I also know the way from San Jose to Steinbeck Country, where I lived as a teenager.

Join me as I hang out in the house where John Steinbeck grew up, tell the staff there a few things about the Steinbeck family pictures, experience the Steinbeck Center, walk through the scenes featured in East of Eden, check out the Steinbeck Library, and spend a little time in Cannery Row.

Etched in stones are Steinbeck quotes, like “Books are the best friends you can have: they inform you, and entertain you, and they don’t talk back” and “I nearly always write—just as I nearly always breathe.”

It’s all a part of my continuing California book tour travel story being published in serial form by Atticus Books.

Join us at the Atticus Books Blog.


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Monday, November 02, 2015

An Enchanted Evening in Historic York

The Smyser-Bair House / Historic York Inn invites you to join us for an evening of homemade food, drinks, palatial tours, live music, original art, and local literature at 30 South Beaver Street as a part of Downtown York’s First Friday festivities from 5 to 9 p.m. on November 6!

Berkshire-Hathaway will offer complete tours of the 1830s mansion, The Smyser-Bair House / Historic York Inn. Step back in time for a tour through history, with hand-carved, gilded Pier mirrors, stained glass, etched glass, hand plasterwork, woodwork, and chandeliers that rival those found in museums. Anchored in the historic district since the 1830s, and belonging to the Smyser-Bair family until 1979 (when it was left to the York Historical Trust before becoming a private inn) this home is a rich part of York's history, recently featured in front page news and on national television for its historic charm. (And it could be yours.)
Limestone Connection, a band from Baltimore made up of Holly Morse-Ellington (on ukulele and vocals) and Jason Tinney (on harmonica), will play a set of live music.
Eric D. Goodman and Nataliya Goodman will sign copies of their books, Flightless Goose, a storybook for children, and Tracks: A Novel in Stories. Tracks: A Novel in Stories won the Gold Medal for best fiction in the Mid-Atlantic Region from the Independent Publishers Book Awards.
Jason Tinney will sign copies of his novel, Ripple Meets the Deep. Ripple Meets the Deep was named best book of Baltimore in Baltimore Magazine.
Tom Glenn will sign copies of his novels, No Accounts and The Trion Syndrome. No Accounts won the 2017 Somerset Prize for Literary Fiction.
A beer tasting will be offered by Brewery Products, with samples of Wyndridge Crafty Cider.
Snacks, hot food, sliders, spiced cider for the adults and virgin cider for the younger crowd, wine, and other consumables will be there for the taking.
Whether you want to enjoy the beer tasting, live music, regional authors autographing books, spiced cider, autumn snacks, a tour of the Smyser-Bair House, or a little bit of everything, join us from 5 to 9 p.m. at 30 South Beaver Street, York, PA 17401 for York First Friday on November 6!
Learn more about the history of the Smyser-Bair House / Historic York Inn at www.YorkInn.info.

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